Do you believe that I am good?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Do you believe that I am good all the time? That in me is no darkness at all? What about those times when you hear or see something of me that seems strange or unloving? Or those times when you pray and pray and still no breakthrough or miracle is seen? Are there exceptions to my goodness?

I am good, all the time. In me there is no darkness at all, of that you can be certain. I am light and light drives out the darkness! Those times when things feel uncertain or dark, ask me to show you where I am in that moment, that situation. I’m not hiding myself from you. Sometimes you simply need me to open your eyes so you can see things from a new perspective.

If you ever find yourself doubting my goodness, ask me to show you what’s really going on. Ask me the lies you’ve been believing because any whisper that I’m not good is a lie from the enemy sent to draw you away from me.

Beat the enemy at his own game and instead of pulling away, let uncertainty draw you in closer.  Explore the mysteries of life with me and expect to be surprised and delighted. I love delighting you, remember? I’m not going to always give you the answer you want or even the answer you expect but when you reach out to me I will answer you.

Hearing my answer from a position of love and an understanding of my goodness, trusting that I’ve got you and will never let you down, will help you hear those answers that are sometimes difficult to receive. And if you don’t like what you’re hearing, remember that you can explore that with me too. There is nothing off limits. You can talk to me about anything and everything!

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