Embrace me!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Some people are going to hear about the way we do life together and they’re going to think it’s a bit weird. Even people who you’d expect to “get it” won’t and when that happens you have a choice. You can either embrace what we have, take ownership of the weird and delight in the beauty of our life together or you can let the words of others wound you and cause you to shrink. You know already what my preference is!

Lots of people thought Jesus was weird. That exact word might not have been standard vocabulary in first century Judea but that doesn’t alter the fact that they didn’t really understand him at all. Jesus was weird and I love him for it!

Embrace the freedom to be found in being weird with me. This life we have together is so much more joyous than you grew up being taught it would be. Embrace the joy! Live and love in the freedom you have in me and get ready to see that freedom start to rub off on others.

People are going to notice and that is not a bad thing. It’s time to break agreement with the lie that you need to keep your head down and stay safe. The safest place you can live from is my weirdness in you!

And if that word “weird” is causing you problems, if you think it’s disrespectful to call the Creator of heaven and earth weird then, with love, it’s time to get over yourself and stop putting me in a box! Look up the word weird in the dictionary. Yes, actually look, I can wait.

Weird, by definition, is something supernatural, unearthly. Who does that sound like to you? I am supernatural and I am not of this earth. See, I told you already … it’s time to embrace “weird”, embrace the supernatural and unearthly in your life. Embrace me!

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