Embrace relationship

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Waiting on me is not a passive, inactive endeavour. Yes, there are times when I invite you to literally sit with me and do nothing. In those moments we are simply being together with no other agenda needed. And I love those times, they allow me to build you and encourage you, but that’s not your default for day to day life.

When you’re in a season where you know you’re waiting on me, how are you to move? Ask me to remind you of the last invitation I gave you. Is it done yet? And what about the day to day expectations or duties that are a part of you doing life in relationship with others?

Waiting on me doesn’t mean neglecting others. You’re here to shine the light of my love into the world around you so what if while you’re waiting, you serve? Me-helping you of course. Starting from a place of relationship, asking me what the invitation is, moving with me.

You don’t need to strive. That’s a lie from the enemy. Live moment by moment with me. Hear me and act as I nudge. That’s how you’re to live, as simple as that. Yes, there are things for you to do but when you abide in me, you’ll do it all – at just the right time – and have a great time doing it!

Yes, I know I make it sound so simple. That’s because it is! How do you think Jesus moved through the world? He had many occasions where it wasn’t time yet, he was waiting on me, but he was never passive or inactive. He simply leaned his head against my chest, heard my heart, and moved as I moved. That’s what I want for you. Live from that place of love. Embrace relationship.

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