Embrace who you are in me

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You can only embrace who I am to you in as much as you can really see me and you can’t really see me if the eyes of your heart are covered by faulty lenses. The lens changes everything! Yes, I’m talking about the things you grew up being taught about who I am but it’s more than that …

When you’re busy, you put on a lens of productivity that dulls your senses to my moving in your life. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you put on a lens that sees you forget who you’re co-labouring with. When you sit in church you put on a brave face and play pretend. I bless who I created you to be, not who you pretend to be!

Stop believing the lie that you must have your act together. We are moving together, co-labouring to grow and build and create. I’m showing you the pieces as you need them but it doesn’t matter than you can’t see the whole picture. You don’t need to know it all and any whisper to the contrary is simply another lie to be rejected.

Move with what I give you. Take action as I lead. And share the story. When you refuse to show people the process, you feed the lie. When you present only the finished article, you perpetuate the myth that humanity must have its act together in order to be accepted.

I saw you, knew you and loved you before I created the foundations of the world. You don’t need to get your act together. You simply need to embrace who you already are in me! And when you’re not sure, ask me. Let your uncertainty be another opportunity for conversation. I love doing life with you!

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