Every time you follow a nudge from Me you save a life!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Every time you follow a nudge from me you are a life-saver, literally. You can’t see it and you think I’m being dramatic but I see the end from the beginning. I understand how each little decision you make with me is woven together with the needs of others. You might not save a life in that moment but the knock on effect of each action taken with me makes a difference in untold ways.

And not every nudge will be from me but if you’re not sure, ask me. I love it when you ask me questions! Even if you’re certain it’s me, still talk to me about it. I love talking with you!

No, I never tire of hearing your voice. Your words are like a symphony to my ears. Precious and beautiful, your words are like nectar.

One of the most important things you will ever do is learn to hear and act on the nudges, whilst engaging me in conversation. Yes, I have many ways of communicating with you but consider this your reminder to keep things simple. You do not need to overcomplicate our relationship. Doing life with me is fun and easy!

But it is about more than just you. Yes you are delightful to me and I love it when we move through the day together and when you do so, you are making a real, tangible difference to the people you come into contact with.

Saving lives. Loving others back into relationship with me. Lifting depression. Casting out fear, worry and anxiety. Destroying the work of the enemy, one little nudge at a time. You are more powerful than you realise simply because of who you are to me. Get ready to lift up your sword and together we’re taking one for the Kingdom!

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