Everything good is a gift

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Life with me doesn’t have to be complicated. You make it complicated when you try and say the right words or force yourself to jump through hoops. Why do you try and do that? There’s no barrier between us and I never ask you to perform tricks to come close to me. Coming close is as simple as saying, “hello”.

Yes, you can learn from those who have gone before you but don’t allow knowledge to get in the way of experiencing me. The very best thing you can do right now is to pause and ask me what’s on my heart. Ask, expecting to hear me. Ask me what songs I’m singing over you. Ask me to open your ears to hear the sounds of heaven.

Because you are on my heart. I’m wooing you with my love, drawing you closer with the warmth of my delight in you. Rest in me. Allow yourself to slip back into my comfort and coziness. I can sustain you. I’m holding you right now in this moment, even when you can’t see or feel my touch.

It’s time to lean back and allow me to be everything you need. Even the practical things you think you get from other people or through your own hard work are love gifts from me. Everything good in your life is a gift, a present, a token of my love and affection for you. Yes, every single thing, without exception.

So yes, thank me for each gift and then make use of it, within the context of the gift. You don’t “make use of” the people in your life, for example. People are not to be used. You can be thankful for them though – and let them know how thankful you are for them too. Spread the love!

And those practical gifts? Pick them up and play with them. Stop leaving your gifts unopened. That was never my best for you!

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