Everything is coming together for good

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Everything is coming together for good, even right now when it feels like there are so many pieces still in flux. There are many strands weaving together. That’s how good I am! And instead of trying to hold all the moving pieces, what might it look like if you gave all of them to me and allowed me to breath new life into them?

Understand that some of these pieces need your input, it is my delight to play with these moving pieces with you, but just because pieces need your input doesn’t mean that you need to mentally try and hold them all together.

Playing together is vastly different to holding tightly and I don’t need you to do the latter. Instead, I’m inviting you to remain nimble. Flow with me from one piece to the next, one invitation to another, safe in the certainty that I am good and I know exactly what I’m doing.

I know you’d like to have all the answers, to have a clear and direct plan laid out that you could simply follow one step at a time but what if that’s not my best for you? This isn’t about you moving forward at any cost, remember. There is so much more at stake here than simply checking off goals.

Yes, moving forward into the plan and purpose I have for you is important, I long to see my people stepping into the fullness of life with me, but stepping into my plan for you can not come at the expense of life with me. If you had a carefully crafted blueprint, all the steps laid out in order, is it possible you might execute those steps without me?

I know you wouldn’t intend to. It’s simply one side-effect of the world you currently call home. You were crafted to do life with me and the enemy will do anything to interfere with our relationship. That’s why you don’t have all the answers or a carefully constructed blueprint. It’s yet another example of my love for you.

Because know this … I do love you, more than you possibly know, and everything is coming together for good. Of that you can be certain.