Everything makes a difference

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Never lose sight of the fact that everything you’re doing is making a difference, often in ways you don’t see. You can trust me. Trust me and trust that I know what I’m doing. Every day when you show up, every conversation you have, everything you do makes a difference. It is not pointless or worthless. Nothing is wasted and all of it is helping to build the Kingdom.

Avoid the temptation to look at what I’m building with others. I’m building with you, leading you, in a way that allows you to show up and shine. How I build with you won’t look the same as how I build with the people you look up to or follow on social media. I’m much more creative than that!

You are you and I don’t need you to be anyone other than who I created you to be. You are making an impact, even when you can’t see it. You’re faithful in the small things and I love that about you.

Every single conversation you have makes a difference. Think back on even the last twenty-four hours and remember the people you’ve spoken to. Not every single conversation was preaching the gospel in the traditional sense but you carry me everywhere you go. Every conversation someone has with you, they’re having with me. All of it makes a difference. All of it counts.

Not that I’m keeping score, that’s something you like to do and you can stop doing so. I don’t keep records like that. I simply love you and invite you to move with me, partner with me. Keep following the nudges. Keep doing what you’re doing. Share as I invite you to share. And trust that all of it makes a difference, all of it matters so very, very much.

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