Expect great things

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What might it look and feel like if you were as hungry for me as you are your favourite snack? Ask me to give you a new hunger for me. Yes, you’ll still need to eat food, this isn’t a diet hack! This is about relationship. I want to sustain you, to be everything you need for day to day life.

I am everything you need for day to day life. Struggling to focus? Ask me to help clarify your mind. Feeling tired and run down? Let me energise you. Uncertain about your next step? Ask me. I’m much more practical than you give me credit for! I really do love to do life with you in a real, practical and tangible way, moment by moment and day by day.

Yes, I love it when we spend time together but if you think I’m only with you when you can sit quietly with me you’re missing out on so much of the goodness I have for you. I am right there with you. I’m in you and go everywhere that you go. There is nowhere you go where I decide to check out.

Instead, this is about your awareness of my presence. That’s what it really means to hunger for me. I want to be on your mind. I want to walk the dog with you. I want us to enjoy a cuppa together.

And when you do life with the people around you, I want to be a part of those conversations too. Not in a weird way. I’m not asking you to be a go-between, to pass messages. You point others to my love simply by showing up and being you with me. Yes, allow me into the conversations as the circumstances permit but more importantly, be aware that I am with you, always. Live from the position of my ever-presentness and expect great things.

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