Expect the unexpected

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

My thoughts are different to yours. Unusual, yes. Often unexpected and counter-cultural. I am able to consider situations in a way that you never could and I want to share with you in the pondering. I love to share my heart with you, explore with you what’s on my mind.

Even as we explore all of the things together, know this … it is inevitable that every word I speak will be fulfilled at just the right time. And I want to partner with you in the fulfilment of my promises. Yes, I could do it alone but I am love. I am community. Together is a part of who I am.

As you co-labour with me in this adventure, you’re going to walk into situations where it feels like my words cannot possibly come to pass. Your feelings are a guide but they do not get the final say. No matter how you feel, all my promises are yes and amen!

You’re wondering about those occasions where it appears that I have changed my mind? This is one of those occasions where I invite you to trust me. I know it’s confusing to when you hear a word from me and it doesn’t come to pass in the way it was described to you. You doubt yourself and wonder if you ever really heard from me.

Are you able to simply trust that yes, you do hear from me and sometimes things unfold differently because of circumstances you can’t know and see? I recognise that that’s a lot to ask of you but never forget that we don’t need to have just one conversation about things.

If something is on your heart, if there’s a promise from me that you’re clinging to, keep exploring it with me. Keep asking questions. And keep following my lead. Expect the unexpected and know that you do so from a position of unconditional love and care.

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