Find yourself in Jesus

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You need to start taking me at my word and to do that, you need to know what my word is. You need to let me show you the whole of history through the lens of what Jesus accomplished. He really is more astonishing and marvellous than you know! Let me introduce you to my Son so you can get to know Him in a whole new way. Everything hangs together because of Him.

Jesus is the exact representation of my being. Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. He is everything! The whole of creation sings to Him and one day, every person from every nation will finally see just how spectacular He really is!

As for you, I’m inviting you into a deeper relationship with Jesus today. There’s no need to wait. Let me show you Jesus throughout history. See Him before He was born as a man, the times and places He showed up even before humanity knew His name.

His work didn’t start in the stable with His birth, He’s been busy throughout the ages! Even before the world was formed, Jesus was. He is older than the stars, wiser than Solomon, more glorious and beautiful than the finest work of art.

And every wonderful moment you enjoy with Me is because of Jesus. You are made in His image, Our image, and every day I’m inviting you to discover afresh what that really means, what that really looks like.

Find yourself in Jesus. Who you are, the person I created you to be, is tied up in Jesus. He is the key to really knowing who you are, the plan and purpose for your life. And whilst my words seem like a riddle to you right now, please understand that I don’t make it difficult for you. It starts with finding Jesus. Find Jesus and you find yourself.

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