It is finished!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There is more power in my little finger than in all the forces of evil combined! I am not the opposite of satan. Satan was one of my angelic beings in the heavenly places. He is not my nemesis! I have no equal. There is nothing or no-one to whom I can be compared.

This is important, not because I want to be unknown or separate from you, but because you see the darkness and all too easily forget that that war has already been won! You are invited to live from a place of victory. That fight was won two thousand years ago at the cross and it is won today, every time you choose to live in victory.

I’m not limited by anything the enemy tries to do but you do limit yourself, your ability to live in victory, when you lose sight of who you are and whose you are. You are more than victorious because of your life in Jesus. Nothing the enemy tries to throw at you changes that. It is finished!

Ask me to show you what it looks like to live in victory in all areas of your life. Explore with me those things that have felt like ongoing battles. Why do you feel like you’re always fighting if it’s already won? Is it possible you’ve been believing a lie about who I am in your life? Ask me to show you and then together we can explore the truth, my truth.

Because there is nothing that I can’t do in your life when you allow me to flow with you. I’m not going to force my way into your life, that’s not love. Think of this as an invitation, one that I would love you to accept. I simply need your amen!

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