Give thanks, no matter what

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Why are you so surprised and delighted when you talk to me about something and I show up in the way you hoped I would? It’s lovely that you don’t take me for granted but when you’re asking me about things that are close to my heart, why would the answer be no?

I understand that you’ve not always seen me move in the way you hoped I would but don’t let those experiences tarnish your prayer life or your expectations. Ask me to move in big and wonderful ways. Ask, expecting me to answer.

And hold the answer loosely, trusting that when the answer is no or not yet, or I show you something completely different to that which you were hoping for, it is for your best. Because yes, I see the big picture and there are going to be occasions when the answer is different.

There’s definitely an important balance to be struck here because I love it when you bring all things to me. I love it when you share what’s on your heart. I want you to share what’s on your heart with a sense of expectation. Expect that if it’s on your heart, it’s on my heart. Expect that I will move. Expect that I am moving in all things for your good.

Moving in all things for your good – and often in ways you can’t yet see or don’t totally understand. Let me help you be okay with that. I want to help you thrive in all circumstances so you can give thanks, no matter what.

Yes, thankful no matter what. I know that feels difficult to hear. Hold onto the revelation that I am moving in all things for your good. You don’t need to be afraid of those “no matter what” moments because I’m with you and moving in those moments too.

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