God of the outcome

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What if there is so much more to this life than you know? What if there are mysteries you can only see the smallest glimpses of because anything more would totally blow your mind? What if the fight really isn’t against flesh and blood?

Don’t let the idea of that overwhelm you. I see the end from the beginning, remember? And it is finished! 

This is about opening your heart and your mind and all of your senses to the reality of life with me and loving other people into that same life. And there’s no pressure because I simply need you to believe. I am God of the outcome. All I need is you and your willing, open, loving heart.

All your life you grew up with the knowing there was more to come but this life, right here and now, felt like the most tangible piece. To consider “the age to come” felt like catching water in a sieve. And that’s okay, I love it when you do life with me in this moment, one day at a time.

And at the same time, I need you to know that there is so much more going on than you can comprehend right now. And as such, every time you step forward and follow a nudge or take an action or simply smile at a stranger in the street, it makes all the difference in the world.

Nothing you do today is inconsequential. Nothing. All of it matters and makes a difference and plays into the glorious tapestry I’m weaving. You can only see the picture from the underside and even that looks beautiful to you, messy sometimes, but beautiful. Just wait until you see the full picture! It will dazzle you! I will dazzle you.

The best is yet to come, so don’t lose heart. Don’t give up following the nudges, and know that I’m cheering you on every step of the way.