Good is the enemy of my best for you

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Not every good idea or good opportunity is for you. There are some good ideas and opportunities that will actually stand in the way of my very best for you. Good is the enemy of best and I don’t want you wasting even a moment enjoying the good things of life when I’m instead inviting you into my best.

Sometimes you’ll get an inkling, a sense of my best. Sometimes you’ll get a nudge that the good on offer simply isn’t good enough, but the rest of the time? The rest of the time, the only way to know if the idea in front of you is my best is to explore it with me.

Yes, I recognise that this means you’re not going to be able to jump on every single idea and opportunity right away but checking in and exploring with me doesn’t need to be a laborious process. And what if by taking some time to explore these things with me, you actually save yourself time and heartache? Do you really want to move on something that’s going to get in the way of my best for you? I thought not!

There are many wonderful opportunities ahead of you and we’re partnering together so you’re never going to be short of ideas. It’s time to move with only the best ideas, the best opportunities. 

And as we explored before … for every problem under the sun there are a myriad of solutions. The answer is not to find the one magic solution to the thing that most frustrates you right now. The answer is to seek me for my best solution, my best ideas, my best opportunities. I am more creative than you ever give me credit for!

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