Hope again

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Look up, I’m inviting you to hope again! For every season of disappointment, I’m bringing you a fresh anointing of my healing balm of hope. This is not wishful thinking, crossing your fingers and hoping. This is hope that only I can give you. Certain hope. A hope based on the evidence of Jesus. Hope based on all the promises that are done from my perspective. You’re here to walk a path that I’ve prepared in advance for you. That’s the hope you have.

This is not about burying your head in the sand and denying the reality around you. This is about seeing from a new perspective, a new reality, and sharing that perspective with others. Share from Whom you have hope. When all around you are losing their heads, speak the name of the One who quiets the storm and brings sight to the blind.

Miracles, signs and wonders are yours to carry as you navigate this path with me. Jesus set the bar and he expects you to leap over it! Not because you’re so wonderful (although you are!) but because of Who you travel with.

As you partner with me to bring hope to a hurting world, you can expect the miraculous. Call on my name. Make a withdrawal based on who I am to you. It is not presumptuous to do so. It is what Jesus said you would do!

Follow my lead and you will not go wrong. Allow me to lead and guide you and you’ll be living slap bang in the centre of my best for you – and the world around you will sit up and notice. This is not the season for skulking around in the shadows. I’m calling you forward. Have hope my beloved. This day is not over!

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