Human being, not human doing

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Nothing is impossible when you do life with me. Nothing. I hear you wanting to add caveats in there but Peter walked on water with Jesus so why not “nothing” if you’re doing it with me, following a nudge?

Stop looking for the caveats and instead embrace the miracle that is today!

Seriously, you are a joy and a gift and there is so much we can do together today and that starts with us simply being. Human being, remember, not human doing. You get so focussed on the doing and I admire you wanting to take action but not at any cost.

More important than the doing is the being. And yes, I know I’m repeating myself. That means you can take my words seriously. What if today and every day you started with the being?

And I don’t say that to try and make you feel guilty for those times when your day starts incredibly busy such that there’s no time for anything other than rushing from one task to the next. But rushing doesn’t need to be your default.

What if I’m helping you carve out a way to start with the being? What if you were at least open to the possibility. Because there is so much I want to share with you. I have so much love in my heart that I want to whisper to you. Yes, I can whisper while you’re doing but you’ll hear and receive it so much more when we simply be together.

You think I’m being a little naive? Yes, I’m smiling to hear you call the Creator of the universe naive but I also hear you, remember? You think it’s easy for God of all eternity to entertain the idea of starting with being because I have literally all the time in the world?

Fix your eyes on Jesus. There’s a reason he came to earth as a human. He knows first hand your struggles. Look at Jesus and then tell me how naive I am. And in the meantime, remember that I love you. I smile when we explore things together. Let’s do it some more, okay?