I didn’t create you for mundane!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Hearing me – the whispers, the nudges, the still small voice – and acting on them is more significant and powerful than you know. I wish you could see how I smile every time you hear me and act on what you hear. Can you imagine what it’s like to be wooing someone, whispering your love to them, and they simply ignore you?

Or worst still, have them tell you they love you too but then the next time you invite them to do something with you, they tell you all of the reasons why it’s a bad idea! I love to do life with you, all of life, and when you wake up and hear me, it brings me such joy.

You might think that since I have many children, many dear ones, it doesn’t matter or hurt as much to be ignored but that’s simply not the case. Rejection is never pleasant and I experience it daily on a huge scale!

And yes, I have broad enough shoulders to cope and I’m playing the long game, I don’t give up! But to simply ease into life with you is joyous to me, more special than you realise. Thank you for hearing me and for stepping into the adventures with me!

And yes, there are more adventures ahead. Life is the biggest, grandest adventure of all! Not every moment of it will feel like an adventure. You’d be forgiven for thinking that some of it is pretty mundane, but when you journey with me your days of boredom are behind you.

Life was never meant to be boring. I didn’t create you for mundane! You are my glorious creation, very good, a wonder to behold. Look in the mirror and let me show you how I see you, who I created you to be.

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