I love to partner with you

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Every time you hear my heart and follow a nudge, amazing things happen! You’re not in charge of the outcome, remember? I simply need you to act as I invite you to, trusting that I am moving in all situations for good. You won’t always see the impact but trust me when I tell you that the heavens move when you act with me in this way.

I cannot overstate just how significant a moment it is. Yes, you sometimes feel a bit foolish and risk being rejected or thought of as a bit crazy but notice the response you get when you act. How many people say no when you offer to lay your hands on them and pray? And I will say it again … you are not in charge of or in control of the outcome. You’re simply invited to act.

Every single action is significant. Every single action makes a difference. All of it matters and all of it counts so stop disregarding it or thinking of it as inconsequential. I am moving and working in ways that you cannot see but do not doubt that I am moving!

And yes, it is great fun when you partner with me in this way. That feeling you get afterwards is a delightful side-effect but it too is intentional and deliberate. I know you want to do all of the things I’m inviting you to do but I don’t take that for granted by deliberately making those things painful or horrible!

That’s not to say that you won’t have painful or horrible moments, that’s the simple reality of living in the current age, but when you move with me and act as I invite you to, the default is for that moment to be delightful. Yes, you might feel a bit awkward, especially those times when it feels new and different, but the overall result is delight. And not just for you. I am moving in so many ways and I love to partner with you as I do so.

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