I saw this moment

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It’s time to stand firm in the fullness of who I created you to be and when I created you to be. It’s no accident that you move and breathe and have life at this moment in history. I’ve been looking forward to this moment with you, anticipating the moments we’ll have together, imaging your face as you watch my plan and purpose unfold in your life.

Yes, I saw this moment as I spoke the foundations of the world into existence. This moment and the next, I relish them all and I am delighted we get to travel this journey together because yes, I saw this moment, knew this moment and I choose to travel with you through time.

I limit myself and my ability to move. I choose to walk with you moment by moment, day by day. I love it when we explore what that might look like, unpacking the specifics and getting excited about all of it, together.

It’s time to get a better understanding of what I’m inviting you into. Ask me what about you in this moment is precious to me. Ask me to show you how you are perfectly positioned right now to be the solution your nation needs in this moment.

Allow me to show you this moment and your part in it from my perspective. There is much for us to do and whilst there will always be mysteries to uncover, new aspects of who I am to be discovered, not everything needs to be hidden from you. I’d love to share some of the specifics of this moment with you.

Ask me about the specifics, expecting me to answer, and prepare to be amazed. You are not an accident and your place in this moment is not by chance so ask me, let me show you. And when you feel uncertain, let me into that moment too. Nothing is off limits!

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