I want to go deeper with you

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You cannot be all things to all people. Look to Jesus as your inspiration. You’ll see that even he wasn’t all things to all people. And he never tried to control people. He offered invitations, yes and he asked people what they wanted from him, even when it seemed blatantly obvious what someone needed.

If Jesus, the One in whom all things are held together, allowed people to explore and share their needs, what makes you think that you can do differently? Show up as I nudge you, that’s all I’ve ever asked you to do. Open your mouth and share as you’re led yes, but don’t put words in my mouth by presuming to speak when all I’m asking you to do in a situation is love.

Show up as I nudge, speak as you’re led, and love always. What could be easier than that? Oh, you have questions? Great, I love questions! Bring me all your questions, even the ones you wouldn’t be willing to ask another person – especially the ones you wouldn’t be willing to ask another person. Nothing is off limits. You don’t need to try and spare my blushes!

Those times when you don’t feel like I’m saying anything? When you’ve been invited into a situation but then it seems to you like I’ve gone mute? Take a moment and ask me what’s happening. Sometimes you’ll hear nothing because no words are needed. Other times you’ll hear nothing because I’m inviting you to go with the Spirit’s flow, trusting that your spirit and my spirit can play together beautifully.

How will you know the difference? I’ve told you already … ask me! Ask me why you’re hearing nothing, expecting me to answer you. This is not about getting the one answer to all your questions. This is about relationship, hearing my heart and digging deeper. I want to go deeper with you and this is how we do it, one question at a time.

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