I want you to thrive

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

With me is key. I am the vine, you are the branches, remember? If you try and run ahead and do things on your own, you might not notice or see it right away but the impact will not be fruitful. You’ll be like those branches in the garden after they’ve been chopped down. Dry, brittle, lacking in suppleness and colour. Useful only as firewood or compost. 

Still useful, but not for the purpose intended. Yes, when you try and go alone you will still find a purpose, but it won’t be my best for you, my purpose for you. You won’t cease to exist, you simply won’t feel as alive.

The difference between you and the dried up tree branch is that even if you feel detached, even if you feel dried up and not fit for purpose, stepping back into my best is as simple as saying, “hello”. There are no hoops to jump through. I simply invite you to return to me. And when you come back, all of heaven has the biggest party you can imagine – bigger than you can imagine!

The enemy will try and convince you that returning is difficult, that you must clean up first and undertake enough religious activity to show you really mean it. Nonsense! When you return to me, you’ll find me right next to you, arms wide open.

Picture the Father when the prodigal son returned. He was looking for his son and came running towards him, rejoicing because his son was home. On Whom do you imagine Jesus drew inspiration for that story? Me of course!

Reject any and all lies that try and keep you from me and instead, turn to me and find me waiting for you with open arms and a great big smile on my face.

So yes, with me really is key, even more than you know. It’s easy to lose sight of exactly what Jesus was saying when you read and re-read well thumbed passages but look at the tree branches in the garden and remember.

You are strong in me, with me. You were created to do life with me. You are your most vibrant and alive and on purpose with me. Let’s explore together again what that might look like in practical terms today because I am serious about this. I want you to thrive, to live my best for you, and all that happens with me.

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