Increasing joy

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Flowing with me doesn’t need to be complicated or over-whelming. It’s easy! You simply get in your own way and over-think things sometimes. I want life with me to bring you increasing joy!

You watch the clock, worry about being late or failing to deliver what people need. You have so many ways to track and monitor, ways for people to get your attention instantly. These are the cares and worries that threaten to get in the way and derail the joy that is to be found in life with me.

You can’t be all things for all people. You’re not selfish to take time away with me. Jesus did it, often, and he knew his time was very limited. Your time too is finite but what if you learned to move through the day like Jesus? Following the invitations and trusting that I will lead you well?

You need a watch for gathering, yes. I am brilliant and I can bring everyone together at the same time. I could gently whisper to every person but you sometimes doubt it’s me so the easiest way to gather is with the clock. It was invented for this purpose, wisdom given as a gift by me but it wasn’t invented to be your master!

What if, me-helping you, you practiced under-scheduling? There will always be things for us to do, adventures to explore together, but what if you trusted in my perfect timing? Time drips through your fingers without you even noticing it so why not try it my way?

What does that look like? It won’t look the same every day because each day has it’s own challenges and eccentricities but it starts by asking me. What if you knew the things I was inviting you to explore with me in a week and then we simply flowed through the day, picking up pieces as I nudged? What if doing so really was the key to increasing joy?

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