Invitation, not an ego trip

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You’re going to get tired sometimes, particularly if you’ve been running fast, but never tire of doing good with me. With me, did you catch that?

I’m not asking you to try really, really hard. This isn’t about pushing or better organisation or learning to not get distracted. Yes, there are often lots of distractions coming to try and steal your attention but even the act of trying to avoid those things is, if you’re not careful, another example of you trying your very best.

I don’t need you to “try your very best”. I’m simply inviting you to step into each moment, this moment, with me.

Can you trust that I know what I’m doing? When I invite you to step into a moment with me, do you trust that I can guide you well? What about those times when I nudge you to do or say something that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense? Can you trust me then?

There’s a reason why I keep bringing us back to this – and it’s not because I need to hear you affirm me. I am confident in my own I am not to need that.

You hear a lot in church about giving Me glory and I hear your questions. You wonder sometimes why I need to be given all the glory. And yes, I hear your heart so I know you’re not wondering that from a place of disrespect, you simply see me as bigger than that, above needing it.

And here’s what I want you to catch right now … this isn’t about me needing to be given all the glory in the way that you might like to be given credit for a good piece of work. That desire for validation is a human trait and comes from a place of insecurity.

Instead, this is about you delighting in me, in all that I am and our relationship. Those times when you’re so overwhelmed with joy and wonder, you wish to impart that same feeling to others around you? That is giving me glory and it points others to my heart. That is the real power of glory. It’s extending an invitation, not an ego trip!