It really is all about relationship

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

As we start to get clearer on the calling on your life, never lose sight of how you do this … in relationship with me. There are things you get excited about, the quirks and yes, even the foibles, that make you who you are. No matter where I place you, when you show up embracing all those aspects of your character and personality, and when you do so from a place of certainty in Whose you are, you are magnificent, unstoppable!

Relationship is key. What if, as you explore the things I’m nudging you about, you brought each piece to me and allowed me to show you what it looks like from my perspective? Even as you’re learning and growing, what if you asked me about the areas I’d love to see growing and changing in you?

Approach this like a little child might approach a new box of surprises. Each new thing would be pulled out of the box, explored from every angle possible, played with without fear of getting it wrong, shown to a loving parent who would encourage and cheerlead.

I am your greatest encourager, your head cheerleader. No, I’m not carrying pompoms or wearing a little skirt but don’t let my image fool you. I am cheering you on from the moment you lift your head from the pillow. With each step forward you take, a whole heavenly host is watching you, holding their collective breath with anticipation, and I have the biggest smile on my face.

I know you find it hard to believe but I am so, so proud of you. Seriously yes. You delight me and I cannot wait to explore everything that we’re going to do together next. It really is all about relationship. Always was, always is and always will be.

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