It’s not just about you

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Pause in this moment. It is not hard for you to hear me when you simply pause and ask me what I’m saying. I have so many glorious and wonderful things to share with you and it always starts with love. My love for you and my love for the people in your day. I want to show up for you and help you love like I do.

What if it wasn’t difficult to love? True love costs. It requires you to give up a piece of yourself in exchange for a much more powerful truth from me but one that will sometimes feel like a loss, a price, a cost.

Love costs but it was never meant to be difficult. When you pause in this moment and let me fill you with my love, you’ll be able to quickly and easily love like I do. Trust the nudges. Trust the whispers. Sometimes you’ll feel uncertain, fear of getting it wrong causing you to hold back but what if you could never get it wrong? What kind of freedom would that give you?

Because my truth is that when you simply trust me, take me at my word, and follow the nudges, there’s no such thing as “getting it wrong”. Even those things you share that seem to make no sense at all to the other person are simply about timing.

What if the loving you share with another was simply a first taste, an introduction to my love? What if, as a result of you showing up and loving them, you open the doorway to them accepting my love more fully at a later date? Would that rule out or negate any discomfort you might feel?

I love you with an everlasting love and it’s not just about you. There’s more at play here than just your comfort – and yes I say that will all the love in the world. You are part of something so much bigger than you know. Pause in this moment, let me love you, and together we can love the world.

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