It’s time for an upgrade

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What if everything you grew up believing about me wasn’t true? What if all of it was based on half truths or preconceived ideas and never accurately revealed my heart? And no, I’m not talking about the bible, not directly at least, but is it possible that some “biblical truths” are different, simply because you weren’t there when it was written?

It’s time to be honest, with me and yourself. There are some things you grew up believing that simply don’t line up with who I am to you today. And no, this isn’t about you making Me into your image of me. I’m interested in exploring your understanding of me and my love.

I am love, always have been and always will be. What do you do then with things you read of me or teachings that seem to present me as unloving? Clearly something needs adjusting because either I am love or I’m not, so which is it?

I am love, right, exactly! So is it possible that there’s more going on here than you fully understand right now? And what are you going to do with that lack of understanding? Bring it to me! Bring all things to me, remember? 

So if something doesn’t make sense or seems contrary to who you know me to be, allow me to open your eyes to what’s really going on. And prepare for an upgrade in both your thinking and your understanding of my heart.

And no, not everyone is going to like it but you can’t let that stop you! There is freedom for others as you explore this and wrestle with my love so if you won’t resist pressure or risk criticism for yourself, do it for the people you’re helping me impact. Keep walking this out with me, I will not steer you wrong.

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