It’s time for you to bloom

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Are you ready to stand out? Like a flower shooting up towards the sun, I’m inviting you to grow in me, towards the Son. I want to help you rise above your circumstances. Not ignoring or denying them, rising above them. When you do that you impact those circumstances in a positive way both for your benefit and for the benefit of others around you.

And yes, as your grow you are going to stick out and standout but I created you to do so! Growing with me towards Jesus is exactly where you were born to be. The flower growing upwards doesn’t break or snap as it does so because it is properly equipped by me to fulfil its purpose. The same is true for you. You might sometimes feel under pressure but growing with me will not break you.

You are helping no one when you hide for fear of breaking. Yes, you are going to experience a few bruises along the way but trust that I know what I’m doing. Trust that I’ve got you. Trust that I knew exactly what I was doing when I dreamed you into existence. 

Yes, you are my dream come true! I know you find that hard to comprehend when set against the whole of history because time is a difficult construct for you but I am the ultimate Lord of time! The moment you were born was the realisation of a long held dream for me, one that I continue to celebrate and enjoy with every passing moment.

Like the flower stretching towards the sun, lift up your head. Let me see your eyes, your smile, your gloriously big heart. Never, ever lose sight of how loved and treasured you are. And now, dear one, it’s time to stop hiding. Don’t shrink back. It is time for you to bloom!

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