It’s time to reject fear!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You don’t need to be afraid. Uncertainty and worry are not your portion. Bring everything that concerns you to me. Tell me everything that’s on your mind. Yes, I know I know it already but there is power, peace and freedom to be found in actively talking to me about all of it.

Bring all of it to me, trusting that I am working in all things, even the things that worry you. Perfect love casts out all fear so when you feel afraid, look to me. Focus on my perfect love as represented in Jesus. Ask me to fill you with my love so there’s no room left for fear.

It’s time to reject fear! It has no place in your mind, your home or your household. Let me say it again … fear is not your portion. Stop partnering with fear, it does not serve you. It’s not here to teach you or guide you. I am your teacher and guide and I am love, never fear.

Turn from fear then and instead, fix your eyes on me. Reject every partnership with fear. Bind fear and cast it out of your home and your life. Allow me to gift you with my peace, my joy, my freedom.

Yes, when you look at the news or social media, it feels like there’s much to be afraid of but again, that is not your reality. Me-helping you, you have the ability to shine the light of my love into every situation you step into and when you do so, you drive out fear.

And yes, sometimes you might feel like you’re having to keep driving fear out but don’t be discouraged. Don’t give up. Focus on my love, soak in my love, let it ooze from every pore, because perfect love casts out fear. When you’re anchored in my love, fear has no space left to reside. I am love and love wins!

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