I’ve taken up residence

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Have you ever considered how many incredible creations and inventions were inspired by me? Not every invention but many inventions. And no, the architect doesn’t always understand from where their inspiration comes but I’m not limited by human understanding. 

If some of the greatest inventions came from me without human understanding, think how much more could be brought into reality if you explicitly dream and create with me. It would be much more efficient yes but efficiency isn’t my priority. I’m playing the long game and am content to continue doing so.

But when you dream and create with me, hearing my heart and actively seeking out my blueprints, the ramifications for the wider world are incredible! This world will see just how marvellous I am and that happens when you dream with me.

Some of the pictures I want to show you aren’t even for right now. I simply want to excite and inspire you. The delightful thing about moving with me is, having shown you the picture, I can just as easily tell you when it’s time to act. And in the meantime you have the picture to hang on to, to help shore up your faith for those moments in days when things feel tricker.

I’m with you in every moment of every day. I’m never scared of the trickier moments. Instead, I want to help you see me in those moments too. When you realise just how ever-present I really am it will change everything for you.

Picture me as real and as tangible as the people around you in your household. If I was next to you as you made a cup of tea, what would you say to me? Well guess what? I am with you as you put the kettle on. There’s no “if” about it. I’ve taken up residence! 

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