Jesus, the ultimate care package

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Keep your eyes on Jesus. He did and said only what He saw and heard from me and I’m inviting you to do the same. And that’s not to say that you can’t engage your mind but I want your mind to be transformed, made whole and healthy in me. As you allow me to renew your mind, you’ll find the conversations around you will be refreshed and renewed too. As you are transformed, you’ll bring transformation to others. That’s how good I am!

Don’t worry about how what you say and do is being received. Simply keep moving with me, allowing me to guide you, and leave the outcome, the how and the when, with me. But know that you are making an impact. Lives are being regenerated every time you choose to show up in my love.

I love my son, he is so precious to me, and as much as he is loved, as close as we move in relationship, that’s what I want for you and me too. That’s why Jesus came. He is the ultimate care package, sent to a world before it even knew it needed rescuing.

We planned the entire thing from start to finish before we created a single star. Yes, that efficient and thoughtful. Don’t ever believe the lie that I am slow and don’t think that this world is out of control, don’t you dare!

I am playing the long game because of all humanity, every single one of the billions and billions ever conceived, is important to me and has a place in the age to come. Don’t mistake love for slowness or negligence!

Simply keep moving with me. Follow my lead and embrace everything I’m doing. That’s how you live a life of consequence. Consequence for this age and the age to come.

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