Just believe

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You are on my heart. I know I’ve said that before. You are always on my heart. My love is. You really don’t understand how much I love – and how much I love you. You and yours. Your household, the people you do life with, your communities, the world!

My love is holding this whole world together. So many expressions of love! Whoever loves is in me and I in them, even when they don’t yet know it. Live is key, it’s my very essence. Love is because I am.

Step into each moment then with love. This moment really is all you have so moment by moment, connect with me by connecting with love. And yes, the context of the expression of that love will vary but all of it is love.

That aching you feel for lost love? You feel that because I feel that. Every time one of my dear, beloved children turns away, I weep. It breaks my heart. And yes, I know the end from the beginning and so I know that in time all will be restored but I choose to live in each moment with you.

In that choosing, I feel the pain of loss and separation. My heart aches for everything we could be enjoying in that moment but instead the lost ones turn their hearts from me. But nothing and no-one is lost forever.

Jesus, the saviour and redeemer, your big brother and best friend, he’s already do the work. Nothing and no-one is lost forever because love wins.

And so here’s what I want you to do, me-helping you, no will-powering your way through this … embrace everything I am doing in your life.

You’ve seen glimpses of how beautiful the plan and purpose is that I have for you but you’ve not seen anything yet! With you fully surrendered to everything I have for you, we are unstoppable! It is time and I am so excited and delighted that you’re ready to explore all this together.

Never forget … I simply need you to believe. The outcome is on me. Just believe.