Keep your love on

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Bring me all the things that are on your heart, the people and the situations, and know that every person you love is loved by me even more. You don’t know how that can be possible because there are some people who you hold incredibly close to your heart but they’re even closer to my heart. And better still … I can move in the lives of the people you love, working all things to good even when you can’t see a way. You don’t need to know how. You simply need to keep on loving.

And you don’t need to hold onto all of the moving pieces quite so tightly. Your tight grip gives you the illusion of control but you’re not in control and there are some hurts you can’t save your loved ones from. There are some journeys that can only be walked by another and no matter how much you might like to walk a path for them, that is impossible and futile.

Instead, let me love you and them, and when you don’t know what that looks like, when you don’t know how best to love, let me help you. For some people in your life, those people who don’t yet let me love them directly, they are loved by me through you. That’s your real role in those situations that you can’t control and don’t understand. Keep loving. Keep showing up. Keep encouraging.

And know that there is coming a day when they will let me love them directly. They will look back with wonder at all of the ways I’ve been moving and together you will celebrate. Together you will enter into everything I have for you and what a day that will be!

Until then, refuse to worry. Bring everything that’s on your heart and lay it before me. Trust that I know what I’m doing and let me help you keep your love on.

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