Know my voice, hear my heart

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Hearing my heart doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s not a chore and there are no hoops to jump through. It’s as simple as following the nudges. I know what you need because I created you.

Consider the inventor of an intricate machine. If the machine could communicate with its creator, would it suggest it knew better? If, like you, it was created with the ability to reason then maybe it would but that wouldn’t stop the inventor from knowing how best to help it function. 

You’re not a machine of course but you are created and the One in whose image you are made can be trusted. Those times when it feels difficult to hear me, ask me what I suggest you do about it. Sometimes it will be as simple as a change of location. Other times I might suggest you take a nap!

I am with you, always, whispering my love to you. It’s simply that sometimes it feels more difficult for you to hear me. When you can’t hear me, that’s not because I’ve stopped talking!

Religion will tell you you can’t hear me because of unresolved sin in your life but if that were true, how would anyone hear that first call to follow Jesus?

The enemy will tell you you can’t hear me because you are unworthy and need to get your act together first. This is simply not true!

You are my child. I love you with an everlasting love. I am love. It is time to reject any and all lies that stop you doing life with me. You do hear my voice and when I seem quiet, consider than an invitation to press in.

Simply ask me “why” when it feels like you can’t hear me. Even exploring that together will help you recognise my voice and that’s what this is all about. Knowing my voice, hearing my heart, recognising that you are loved, always.