Knowing and being known

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I know the desires of your heart because I gave you those desires. Don’t be anxious about asking me for or about the things that are on your heart, therefore. Ask me for what you need, expecting me to answer. I am a very good Dad and I love to give you the desires of your heart.

And sometimes the way that I’ll gift those desires to you will look different to what you expect. You might wonder if there’s a bigger story at play as I meet your desires. There’s always more at play than you realise but sometimes me showing up for you is simply about putting a smile on your face with no agenda other than your delight!

What if you didn’t believe the lie that I’m holding out on you? I love teaching and guiding you but not everything I do or don’t do is about teaching you a lesson. Sometimes I simply am love. I never hide myself away in the hopes that you’ll try harder. What kind of parent would do that?

Instead, this is about leading you into my best for you. The more that you allow yourself to go with the flow of my love, moment by moment, day by day, the further we can travel together.

In this life or the life to come, you will learn how to do relationship with me. A real relationship, talking and laughing and moving together as one. Like a bride with her groom, sharing inside jokes and knowing each other so well, they finish each other’s sentences. 

I want to finish your sentences! And I love it when you finish mine. Yes, hear my heart and speak what I speak but doing so from a place of intimate relationship, knowing and being known, that’s the very best way to move.

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