Lead from my love

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Nothing is ever wasted. Those moments spent with me when it seems to you that you’re doing nothing are some of the most important and impactful moments of your day. It really is time to reject the curse of busy. Not every moment of every day needs to be filled with activity.

And you don’t need to be everywhere and available for all people. Explore with me again your circles, the people who speak into your life and who you are accountable to. Follow my nudges with this. Let me lead you.

Yes, when an idea pops into your mind, explore it with me, but recognise that not every exploration will have the result you anticipate. Sometimes the answer is “no”, “not now” or “not for you”. Not every exploration will result in a new task to add to your list. Explore and ask me. We really can move through the day together, one moment at a time.

I understand that sometimes that doesn’t always feel easy but it starts with a choice. It’s always a choice and those times when you don’t feel like you know how or it’s too noisy, start with the choice and then let me show you how within that context.

Sometimes it’s seasonable. Some seasons of your life are busier than others, but I don’t want busy to be your default. I am moving. This is an unprecedented time and it’s more important than ever that we have these conversations. 

Don’t believe the lie that it doesn’t make a difference. Keep seeking my truth, who I say you are to me. You are my child, precious and adored, and I am the King, but I’m Father first. So yes, live from your authority as a child of the King but live and lead from my love first.

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