Lead with me, lead with love

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

 Do you see how when you lead with me, lead with love, I can move in so many wonderful, even seemingly miraculous ways? It is safe for you to be who I created you to be. You don’t need to hide or diminish yourself. You can grow into the fullest expression of who I created you to be – and it is glorious when you do so!

No, you being you isn’t for everyone. Some people won’t like you and whilst you may not enjoy that realisation, I’m inviting you to be content. Be you with me and live in peace. Yes, inner peace. You will still need to deal with conflict from time to time but you can do that from a position of inner peace.

Hear me … I’m not inviting you to surround yourself with people who always agree with you. You have blind spots and whilst I can and do highlight those blindspots directly myself, it is in your relationship with others that those blindspots are most easily illuminated.

Pay attention to the people, places and situations that irritate you. Notice each feeling and ask me about it. Why does that situation bother you so much? Is there an injustice to fight or is it an opportunity to grow? And it could be both of course, but unless you choose to start noticing, the work remains undone.

And remember that not every battle is yours to fight. If you simply moved through life with me, exploring all things with me, we wouldn’t keep having these conversations but you think I have a list of specific topics I care about.

I care about all things pertaining to you. Yes, even the colour of your socks – but you’re free to choose whichever colour will make your heart sing. You can bring every single choice to me but you don’t have to.

You think I just contradicted myself? There’s a difference between exploring all things with me and having me make every decision for you. I gave you a brilliant mind for a reason and you can use it.

Use it, with me. Talk to me. Hear me. Do life with me. Assume I am interested in everything. (I am!) You cannot over-share with me. You are never “too much” for me. Try me, I promise you will not be disappointed.

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