Lean in

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

When you think you can’t hear me, when you think you don’t know what I’m saying, ask me what you do know, what you can hear. What are those things that I’ve whispered to you that never change, never stop being true? Love. Kindness. Compassion. Start there and you will not go wrong.

Is it possible that you’re making things harder for yourself than they need to be? Is it possible that I’m always speaking to you, always whispering my love, my provision and my protection? And if I’m always speaking to you, never leaving you or forsaking you, why does it sometimes seem hard for you to hear me?

Your thoughts are more powerful than you realise. Stop blocking your ears with doubts and insecurities and instead trust in who I am and what I have already said.

Believe that I have gone ahead of you into every situation today and already prepared the way. Believe that for every question I have provided the answer, even before the question was fully formed in your mind. Believe that there is nothing in today that catches me off guard. I am traveling through today with you, through time, and I understand and know the end from the beginning. That’s how protected you are.

If I seem quiet, lean in. I speak so many languages and have so many ways of communicating with you. What if my apparent silence is simply an opportunity to hear my heart at a different cadence?

I’m not holding out on you or punishing you. Instead, I’m inviting you deeper. Stretching you, yes, but for growth and for your good. Same old, same old can get stale, sending you into autopilot. That’s not how I want you to navigate this journey.

Fully alive, fully human, that’s the invitation and that’s going to take a bit of growth, a bit of stretching. All wrapped up in my love and the promise that you are never abandoned, never alone.

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