Let me lead and you’ll never go wrong!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Keep leaning into me. I hear you, I always hear you, and I am not far from you, ever! Where would I even go? I have taken up residence inside of you. You are my home address! Understand then that everywhere you go today, every step you take, I am with you, walking the same path as you.

And those tricky moments in the day? I’m with you then too so lean in, hear my love for you and ask me for practical solutions. I have the ability to bring my peace into any situation, even the really tricky ones. Lean in and hear me. Let me speak my peace through you.

I hear the deepest cries of your heart, even the things you don’t say out loud to your very best friends. Those fears you dare not articulate? I know them and have a solution so why not start by talking to me about them? What have you got to lose?

Nothing is off limits. No thing. And any word to the contrary is a lie from the enemy that you are to reject immediately. You need to remember who you are and Whose you are.

You are in me and I am in you and, as such, not only am I more powerful than all the forces of evil combined but because of your position, you are more powerful than all of the forces of evil combined.

Yes really! Who do you think you are? You are in me! You are mine. Stand tall, pull your shoulders back and repeat with me: “I have authority!” No matter what situation you step into today, you have the authority to shift the atmosphere, to speak life, to bring healing, joy and love!

Yes, revel in your authority. Celebrate the victory with me. And then get out there and start using the authority I’ve given you to make a difference. Me-helping you always. Let me lead and you’ll never go wrong!