Let’s step into this moment together

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I really do know what I’m doing. I know it doesn’t always feel like that to you, sometimes life feels so incredibly random, you can’t help but wonder if I’ve gone for a nap! But I know exactly what I’m doing and it is good. I am good.

Do you believe that? I am good and I am for you, not against you. I’m not trying to trip you up, catch you out or trick you. You don’t need to “be careful what you pray for” and live in fear that I might hear something to use against you.

I hold nothing against you. That is the whole essence of why Jesus went to the cross. If ever you start to believe the lie that I am counting your sins, look to Jesus. It would be a great idea to keep your eyes on him anyway, just like one might look up to and try to emulate one’s big brother. 

Jesus is your big brother, the first born of all creation, and the exact representation of my being. There’s no “good cop, bad cop” routine going on in the Trinity. Any time you read of something Jesus did and it left you feeling loved or understood, that was me. I in him and he in me. 

And yes, I know that’s confusing to you. Just thank us for being such an incredible example of loving community and don’t worry too much about the specifics. No, that’s not a “burying your head in the sand” kind of faith. I simply don’t want you losing precious time on things that you’re going to struggle to wrap your head around this side of eternity. 

There are so many more interesting, creative things we can be exploring together. Don’t tie yourself up in knots over theology! Instead, embrace the idea that I really do know exactly what I’m doing, and let’s step into this moment together.