Life is a great big adventure!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Life is a great big adventure when you journey with me. Not every moment of every day will feel fun, some moments in the best adventures are challenging, this is not a Sunday afternoon walk in the park, but when you recognise who you’re journeying with, it changes everything!

Every time you choose to listen for and act on the still small voice you’re taking another step forward into my best for you. For you and for others, because when you travel with me you can expect to make new friends along the way.

All things, every nudge, each invitation, working together for the good of you and others who love me because I am intentional. There is so much more going on than you can see and I am moving in all of it.

It’s time to unpack what it really means to live because there is so much more to life than merely getting through the day. Yes, you have responsibilities, cares and worries, but what if you took me at my word and laid all things at my feet? What if you didn’t worry and instead, talked to me? What if anxiety and restlessness were no longer your companions?

Instead of putting your head down and powering through, what if you stepped into this moment – and the one after that and the one after that – consciously with me? Yes, so many questions today because I want to open your heart, mind and soul to new possibilities, new ways of moving and being.

What if your life wasn’t “same old, same old” and you were in fact here for the biggest adventure of your life? That’s the invitation when you partner with me, move with me, allow me to lead and guide you today and every day. Challenging? Yes! But never boring and always with me.

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Are you ready to step into God’s adventure for your life? Join us for the Youier Games, starting Tuesday September 20th.

Because there’s adventure even in the seemingly mundane when you do life with God – and it’s so much more powerful when you journey in community! 🥰