Lift up your head

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Those days when things feel like they suddenly turn upside down, with all your plans tipped on their head in an instant, know that I am with you. And yes, I knew your plans would be derailed. Could I have given you a little warning not to be so tied to your plans? I could have and I do! You just don’t always hear or you ignore the whisper, not recognising my voice in that moment.

I say that not to criticise you but instead to simply reassure you that even the best laid plans can sometimes change and I am with you, every single time. Let me help you go with the flow, the flow of my Spirit, the flow of love, the flow of grace.

You are not a machine and yes, there are things I’m inviting you to play with, with me, today but not at any cost. My invitation is not to put your head down and “power through” like the culture around you might suggest.

My invitation is to lift up your head. See me, my love, beauty and brilliance, in the world around you, in the smile from a friend, in the sunlight glinting off the puddle. There is so much wonder in this moment, if you put your head down and power through, you’re going to miss the delight!

I understand there are things that are expected of you. I’m not asking you to be neglectful or lazy. Instead, I’m simply inviting you to consider again what the unforced rhythms of grace might feel like in your today. And when you’re not sure, allow me to show you, moment by moment.

No matter what you do in the very next moment, I am with you. Feel my presence. Rest in my love. And then act on the next invitation, with me.

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