Linger here

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

How are you doing? How are you doing really? Your default, almost instinctive answer is to downplay everything that’s wonderful in your life right now. There are always going to be frustrations or areas where you could do better but, from my perspective, you’re doing great! 

And that shouldn’t surprise you because I already told you how wonderful things look from where I’m standing. This year is going to be the best yet, and in ways far beyond your imagination.  

Have you considered what you’re doing when you downplay the wonder and beauty in your day? You’re speaking forth words that are not of me. If it’s not of me, where do you think it’s come from? Yes, the enemy. The enemy would love you to downgrade your thinking, to keep you stuck in a cycle of believing that things are average, nothing to get excited about.

Get excited! Grab hold of my truth that this year is already the best yet and ask me to show you how this is so. Hear me … I’m not denying or downplaying the difficulties you’ve navigated. They hurt and I wept with you and I want to help you see the redemption in all things, even the pain.

Life is good. Breathe in and breathe out and as the air fills your lungs, smile and treasure this moment with me. This moment is precious and it is good. Linger here.

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