Live like you’re free!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I hear you and yes, I really am that brilliant! Those moments in days when you find yourself simply in awe of me? Linger there for a moment, enjoy the feeling, let me help you live from that place. Not because I have a massive ego that needs stroking but because when you live from my brilliance, fear cannot touch you.

Courage is not the opposite of fear, love is the opposite of fear, and I am love. When you live from my brilliance, when you live and move and operate with an understanding and appreciation of who I am, fear must flee and you are a force to be reckoned with.

That’s what I want for you. Not an arogant self-confidence but a certainty and groundedness that comes from knowing who you are and Whose you are. And if I am for you, who or what can come against you?

Even when you find yourself with people who are better qualified or better connected than you are, you don’t need to be afraid because I am with you. No-one is better qualified or connected than I am and you’re in me so consider yourself more than covered!

Speak as I invite you to speak. Take action as I invite you to take action. Keep your mouth shut when I tell you there’s nothing to say. When you move through your day like that, you’re moving as Jesus moved. He did and spoke everything He saw and heard from Dad.

If the Saviour of the world, the promised Messiah, was comfortable being dependant on another, why is it so difficult for you? Yes, because of Adam and Eve but their actions are undone in Jesus so you don’t need to live from a place of battle. You’re not at war against yourself, no need to rail against your fleshy nature. You are a new creation. Embrace the truth and live like you’re free!

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