Living in the reality of my presence

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There is nothing outside the reach of my love, care and interest. I don’t pick and choose when to be with you, I am always with you. I know it’s hard for you to understand how I can always be with you and all my children.

Don’t worry about the “how”. Instead, it’s time to learn to live in the reality of my presence. You can bring me your “how” questions of course, you can talk to me about anything. I just don’t want you getting lost in them. There is so much more we can explore together.

Ask me what I’m inviting you to explore with me. Ask me what this moment looks like from my reality, from the perspective of heaven. Ask me anything. There is power in questions and I love them! That’s why the enemy will tell you not to question me, that you must keep everything in your head and never talk about the things that concern you. You’ll hear it’s “just you” but this is a lie!

Learning to live in the reality of my presence can feel counter-cultural. Many people recognise that there is more at play here than what they can currently see. They sign up for their spiritual “get out of jail free” card but never step into the fullness of what life with me can really look like in the current age.

There is so much going on around you that you can’t see. If I opened your eyes right now it would blow your mind! And yes, I can open your eyes but you don’t need to see to believe.

Instead, what if you learned to walk into this and every day with a greater awareness of everything you’re born into? As my child, you have an inheritance to claim. It’s time to explore what that looks like. Yes, of course you can wait and explore it in the life to come but why wait?