Love, because I am love

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Instead of focussing on the darkness in the world, what if you allowed the light of my love to shine from you even more brightly than ever before? The light never shines more brightly than when it is pitch black so what if you saw this season as an opportunity to shine more, love more, show up more?

Don’t shrink back and don’t worry about what to say when opposition comes. There will always be people who don’t understand you, folks looking to beat you down, to stop you from raising your head above the parapet. You’re in great company!

This life is so much more than you ever knew but now that you’re awake to what’s going on around you, why leave the people around you stuck in the darkness of “same old, same old”? Yes, the invitation is to a life lead fully alive, fully human – and it’s not just for you.

When you show up and allow yourself to shine my light into the dark spaces, you’re highlighting the invitation for others. When words are needed I’ll tell you what to say but actions speak louder than words. What story are you telling with your actions today?

Let your story be one of love. It is the solution to all that ails the world. Why? Because I am love. I am the solution to all that ails the world. The world simply doesn’t know it yet – and that’s where you come in.

You, full to the top with my love, shining with joy and wonder and delight. You are infectious in the very best way possible, impossible to ignore and hard to resist. Show up in me, in my love. It’s what the world needs now, more than in any previous generation. Love, because I am love and love wins.

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