Love from the overflow

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Do you understand how I see you? Do you appreciate the way I’ve called you to move through the world? Do you know that you were created to shine? And not in an obnoxious way. There is absolutely nothing obnoxious about the way I’m inviting you to dazzle! This is about shining with my love, dazzling with the beauty of who I am in you.

When you move and live from the position of my love in you, allowing my goodness to radiate out into your life, people will respond. The response we’re looking for is a positive one but your brilliance is threatening to the darkness. Darkness must flee and sometimes it will put up a bit of a fight, even when it knows it has already lost!

Not everyone has the ability to perceive the real fight at hand so don’t be alarmed if the battle in the physical looks and feels like unkindness or rudeness. These are simply concrete manifestations of the unseen realm. Your fight is not with the response of others!

Keep your love on, me-helping you. Don’t let your light dim. Keep connected to the ultimate Source and you’ll always have enough power in reserve.

And recognise the need for refuelling. Keep on receiving from me. Allow me to fill you to overflowing with my love. When you’re loving others from the overflow it will not cost you or leave you feeling depleted.

When you find yourself weary, come straight back to me and allow me to strengthen you. I never go anywhere of course so you never really need to “come back” to me in the literal sense. Instead, the only thing you bring back to me is your awareness of your need to rest. Rest in me, in who I am in your life and who you are in me. And if you really don’t yet know how I see you, ask me!

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