Love is a gift

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I can hear you wondering how you can help other people let me love them. You want your family, your friends, even the random people you pass on the street, to feel my love and have conversations with me the way that you do.

Guess what? No one has conversations with me the way you do. What we have is unique and special to us. I speak to you in the way you are most able to hear and receive. The better question then is how can you help other people have conversations with me in a way that enables them to hear my heart.

And the truth is that you can’t make anyone have conversations with me, that’s not your job! What you can do is love them, share my heart as I nudge you, and simply live life as the fully alive, fully human I created you to be.

When you’re Youier, you in relationship with me, your joy points other people to me because they’ll want what you have. Not everyone all the time, some people will think you’re a bit crazy and other people still have hurt to work through first.

Don’t worry about the people who think you’re crazy, they’ll get it eventually. And in the meantime smile, because I love it when you’re you and if it’s good enough for me, that can be good enough for you.

The people who have hurt to work through need your love because when they let you love them, they’re letting me love them, even when they don’t realise it. And when you love them, your love breaks through barriers and allows my love to flow and heal the hurt.

And the people who want what you have? Tell them my love is a gift! And share my heart as you hear me whisper it because my love is not exclusive. We’re not building holy huddles. We’re building the Kingdom – and that takes love!