Love is the answer to everything that ails you

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There is nothing I won’t do to demonstrate my love for you. There’s no path I won’t travel down, no river I won’t wade through, no mountain I won’t climb. Before the creation of the world, I am love and nothing will ever change that.

I need you to hold the reality of my unconditional love in your spirit, soul and body. My love is the antidote to doubt and despair. When you know just how loved you are, the frustrations of life become like mere drops in the ocean.

Love doesn’t pay the bills, I hear you think. Love doesn’t heal. Love doesn’t make everything better. You are wrong. Love is the answer to everything that ails you. There’s no gentler way to say this. When you believe the lies that love doesn’t pay the bills or heal or make everything better, you are limiting my impact and my ability to move in your life.

I understand what you’re thinking. You can’t directly pay your electricity bills with love but stop limiting how I show up in your life. Stop describing life as black or white and instead, allow me to paint in full colour!

Embrace my love for you and let it impact all areas of your life. Ask me to show you how I want to move with love in your life. Ask, expecting me to answer, and then act on what you hear. Let my love flow through your life to the people around you. Expect to see the miraculous as my love moves in unexpected ways.

Let me love you, all of you. Don’t hide away or keep some parts of you in reserve. I am love. You don’t need to be afraid. Be open to my love and watch me move!

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