Love is the real work

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

What if life didn’t need to be “business as usual”? What if everything you’ve been taught about what it means to be human is back to front? What if there is so much more to life than you know right now?

Some pieces are exactly how I created them of course. Love, kindness, compassion, a smile from a stranger, the delight you feel when the sun dances on a raindrop on a leaf. These are all wonderful and I want you to feel no condemnation for delighting in such things.

Life is about so much more than lists and busy and getting through the work week. What if life is a preparation ground for the amazing life to come?

Please don’t misunderstand me … I don’t want you to waste this life or wish it away. You are exactly where you need to be right now and this moment is a gift. You are a gift!

The real invitation is to step into everything I created you to be, fully alive, fully human, in community with Us: Father, Son and Spirit. We’re inviting you to join us, to live in the circle of our love. And to extend that invitation to the world around you. Our love is inclusive. We have so much love to go round!

And so yes, part of being human is navigating the realities of day to day life, I don’t want you to neglect the life I’ve given you, and at the same time, I’m inviting you to be aware of the bigger picture.

I know you don’t see all of it and even the pieces you do see, you can’t fully comprehend, but just know that we are weaving a glorious tapestry together – and we want you to be a part of the design process.

This picture is held together by love, a love that existed in and through Us before the world was spoken into being. And so your ultimate “business” is love. Accepting Our love and loving others. Ready to get to work?